Don’t Miss These 10 Healthcare Blogs in 2023

To know the constant updates in the industry you need to keep up to date on the various topics around us. Here are 10 health blogs websites to bookmark for daily reading in 2023.
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The healthcare industry is one of the largest and is expected to grow in the future due to several factors. These include technological innovations, integration of medicine and health care, and intelligent health information management. A reformed healthcare system improves diagnosis, improves the quality of treatment, and saves operational costs. Therefore, at the heart of this digital transformation is the need for new and cost-effective ways to deliver patient-centered technology-based healthcare.

To know the constant updates in the industry you need to keep up to date on the various topics around us. Here are 10 health blog websites to bookmark for daily reading in 2023.

1. TedMed

This is the medical edition of TED Talks, highlighting medical advances and exciting ideas in medicine. The TedMed blog features highlights and interviews with TedMed speakers, as well as the latest TEDMED updates. It’s a look back at the popular medical presentation conference and even lets you connect with TEDMED directly through comments and scheduled Twitter chats.

2. Healthcare Leadership Blog

The Healthcare Leadership blog was founded by the hashtag #HCLDR, which helped bring together an online community of healthcare practitioners, CEOs, IT experts and others who want to improve healthcare. The blog is an example of the complex and important conversations happening in the health community.


HealthsystemCIO is full of useful information for CIOs. It is the only newspaper dedicated exclusively to hospital and health system CIOs. Articles, often written by or featuring interviews with IT leaders, share experiences, questions, and first-hand advice from CIOs in the field.

4. Healthcare IT News

Published by HIMSS Media, this is your trusted, daily updated source for all your healthcare IT news. Many of the posts are aimed at healthcare professionals working in hospitals, but the site is also useful for doctors in private practice, who can find a wealth of information.

5. Electronic Health Reporter

Founded by health tech writer and editor Scott Rupp, this blog offers an amazing mix of the latest health tech news, as well as more personal stories and interviews with industry professionals and companies. A great blog to learn more about new and innovative health tech companies.

6. Modern Healthcare

For decades, we’ve been the go-to source for health business news and analysis. This site is supported by a great team of correspondents, and you can expect daily updates on the most pressing issues in American health care.

7. NPR Shots

The NPR Shots blog provides a steady stream of reliable and exciting health news from the NPR Science department. Here you will find excellent journalistic coverage of a wide range of health topics, breakthrough medical treatments and important health policy innovations. Check out this interesting article on how wireless sensors are helping researchers map the spread of staph infections in hospitals.

8. Kaiser Health Blog

The name speaks for itself – Kaiser Health News is one of the most respected and trusted sources of health news on the web. In partnership with the Kaiser Family Foundation, the blog covers all aspects of medicine.

9. KevinMD

You’ve probably heard of, but do you follow Kevin Take, Dr. Kevin Pho’s unique blog? Thousands of different contributors contribute to MedPage. Today KevinMD blog, sharing their personal stories and insights as professionals immersed in our healthcare system. Readers regularly hear from doctors, surgeons, nurses, medical students, policy experts and more.

10. Harvard Health Blog

The Harvard Blog features the latest writing on a variety of health topics and thoughts on medical news from experts at Harvard Health Publishing. The trusted medical team at Harvard Medical School provides the most information for a better life here.

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