Account Based Marketing

B2B selling requires a deep understanding of customer behavior as they move along the sales pipeline. Marketers need to go beyond the traditional marketing approach – and fine-tune their strategies to target and engage prospects in a meaningful relationship.

Right ABM business at any stage

We focus more on marketing and sales target accounts with the best resources, budget, and campaigns aligning industry standards, profitability, and expertise.

  • Identify
  • Build
  • Expand
  • Analyze
  • Score
  • Engage


Identify the right target accounts by aligning ICP with business objectives and goals. We not only connect to your accounts who are not only just researching but are ready to buy. We go beyond attribution and segmentation information like firmographics and technographic to identify and define the right customers for you.


Build a list of high-value accounts that meets all the criteria of marketing qualified leads (MQL). We build the MQL based on several data points collated from disparate sources and map the accounts with criteria that are most likely to convert. We run different types of campaigns to suit the attributes of each account through relevant marketing channels.


Expand your set of target account lists across all tier companies. Different strategies and methods are used to reach a wider range of contacts with ICP attributes. One-on-one strategy, one-to-many strategy, small group, key accounts targeting, and GTM strategies – are all calibrated to align with the potential account’s buyer journey.


Analyze specific potential buyers using our firmographics and technographic insights. Get a holistic view of all the target accounts and refine them further to a hyper-targeted account list. While analyzing the accounts, we also go beyond the lead generation part. And try to analyze if there are upselling and cross-selling opportunities with the account.


Score all the accounts keeping all the key business insights in mind. Revenue, industry, technology stack, key investments, main competitors, growth history, and M&A. All these insights are handy to score the leads correctly and implement the right ABM strategies. All the accounts are ranked as best fit, fulfill most criteria with intent – and are prioritized accordingly.


Engage each account with our personalized campaigns. We craft content keeping in mind the specific attributes and needs of the account as per analysis and scoring. Content tactics and channels are used to capitalize on all the opportunities that accounts offer at different phases of their buyer journey.

Focus on the right target accounts. All your marketing efforts are directed to maximize conversions and we ensure no leads are wasted.

Industries. We Offer.

  • Accounts insights with verified contact discovery
  • Sales intelligence with a hyper-target marketing strategy
  • Technological stack mapping to target similar accounts
  • Digital assets marketing for leads scoring and engagement
  • Intent data on buying groups and key decision-makers