Lead Generation

Tap into the power of generating leads and driving your marketing pipeline with BizVersions. With more than 500+ global members and partners, we are here to boost your sales and marketing performance and enhance your relationships with existing customers.

Find and capture the right lead at any stage

Designed to identify, qualify, and develop leads and help B2B organizations, we leverage innovative digital marketing content and solutions to find your customers.

  • Maximize
  • Develop
  • Build
  • Measure
  • Access
  • Collect


Maximize data based on marketing strategies and specifications. We at BizVersions help you discover the true impact of landing pages and how they can generate optimum leads. We empower the usage of content with SEO, marketing campaigns and emailers, SMM, resources, social media creatives and blogs.


Develop powerful marketing channels to improve the quality of marketing qualified leads (MQLs). This helps the marketers achieve increased number of subscriptions to newsletters and prospects who have read more blog posts and download resources, filled enquiry forms, etc. Furthermore, the marketers offer intensive promotional methods to gather more attention from cold leads.


Build potential customers across relevant industries by reaching out with potential strategies and tools. With the power of Sales qualified leads (SQLs), marketers gain more requests from potential customers who are interested in purchasing the service/product by leaving requests on websites, filling out forms, activating subscriptions etc.


Measure your marketing campaigns’ cost per lead by tracking the form filling rate, the total number of leads from each target segment and audience. The measuring units are kept consistent across all leads and marketing pipelines in order to bring standardization and utmost accuracy in units and measurements.


Access leads with your current marketing automation platforms or synchronize them with your CRM tools. Accessing and managing leads becomes easier with the usage of the deployed solutions and proper integration. The leads can also be downloaded as a PDF file for the users to leverage the data.


Collect accurate leads through professional data collection methods such as pre-filled and automatically filled forms with contact details such as names, business email addresses, contact numbers, job title, location etc. This enables prospects to connect with exclusive offers and high-quality content automatically.

Find Solutions from Lead Generation to Driving Marketing Output.

Industries. We Offer.

  • Intent data using SEO content, SMM tools, marketing campaigns, resources, and more
  • Potential leads that help reach the right audience and engage with them
  • Simplification of sales process by offering SQLs
  • Filling pipeline with pre-qualified leads and prospectss