Intent Based Marketing

The future of marketing is intent-based. It mostly focuses on external data. Actually, 67% of B2B buyers research products online before making a purchase. Companies will continue to gather more and more data.

Find the right intent at any stage

We identify and engage your target audience from intent data like intentions, interests, affinities, purchase behaviors, and demographics across multiple digital channels.

  • Identify Prospects
  • Analyze Buyer Intent
  • Target Key Prospects
  • Generate Leads
  • Optimize Resources
  • Personalized Communication

Identify Prospects

Identify your prospects and target them at the start of their buying journey - after all, 83% of B2B buyers search online before purchasing. So why not reach out to them at the most valuable time? When you collect important data about your prospects' online behavior using intent data, you may determine their level of interest and the times when their desire to make a purchase is the greatest.

Analyze Buyer Intent

Analyze buyer intent by determining what customers are interested in buying now, what they want, and where they want it. "The customer is always right” essentially means that whatever the customer wants to buy, the business should be selling. Intent-based networking and intent-based branding combine a wealth of data about consumer behavior and activity to provide a more comprehensive picture of what consumers want.

Target Key Prospects

You can target key prospects with Programmatic Advertising when they are most interested in your business and are ready to buy with intent data. You can show users dynamic ads with programmatic advertising that are tailored to the content they are now reading. When there is a greater buying intent, raising your bid for the ad space might make sense. This is entirely automatic with programmatic advertising, and it serves as a fantastic illustration of intent-based targeting.

Generate Leads

Generate leads with ABM using intent data as it is so powerful! Imagine being able to identify the subjects that your target accounts are looking up. They might be looking at one of your business's competitors or a comparable subject. Compared to broad-based messaging, the likelihood of obtaining leads and converting them is significantly higher with ABM strategy.

Optimize Resources

Optimize your resources with intent-based marketing. By doing so, you will gain far more insight into the buying journey of your leads. For instance, your team can adjust your content strategy to address general questions that you identify or buyer intent keywords that you are not addressing on your landing page.

Personalized Communication

Personalize your communications with every website interaction, providing a tailored experience to each visitor, leading to a more immersive buying experience and better customer engagement. For example, you can quickly change headlines and calls to action in real-time to suit the client who is scrolling through your site, whether they are a small business, a frequent visitor, or a potential competitor.

Businesses can predict purchase intent through an in-depth analysis o user behavior through intent-based marketing.

Industries. We Offer.

  • Digital marketing campaigns to merge with intent-based marketing to generate high-quality B2B leads
  • Effective decision-making strategies around marketing campaigns to promote specific services/ products
  • Advanced sales and marketing tools to address buyers' pain points and simplify processes
  • Search Engine Marketing to determine searchers' intent through targeted keywords
  • Search Engine Advertising to identify which certain ad groups search for specific keywords