5 Creative Careers in Design

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Do you think you are using your right brain? Do you bring creativity to every aspect of your work? Do you maintain a visually appealing online persona? So, you share my traits!  

You’ll be able to maintain the best aspects of your social media presence if you use your artistic talents, an eye for design, and a thoughtful color palette. 

  Did you know that this right-brained thinker may get rewarded for having artistic hands, an excellent sense of color, and a good eye for design? 

You did read that right. 

If you’re creative, you can use technology to find the perfect career. Your creative thinking is desperately needed by the tech sector. Any media, marketing, or coding skills you may have are a major plus. Even without a degree in computer science, you can still get a well-paying job. 

There are numerous opportunities for a design job in the IT sector, depending on your skill set, area of competence, and area of interest. Most of the highest-paying roles are in UI and AR, and the IT business also needs creative people to work as web and game designers.  

The top five design occupations that you should think about are listed below because there are many new designers entering the design industry. Let’s move on.   

1. Websites Designer/Developer 

A web developer is a person that produces the entire website, from the layout to the features and functionality, fulfilling the client’s specifications. Depending on the company, the web designer will occasionally use software like Photoshop and Illustrator to create the website while the web developer codes it. Although occasionally, the entire process is organized under a single employment post. 

2. Visual Designer 

Redesign your favorite company’s logo with paper and a pen. Anything’s color, typeface, or picture can be changed. It was created by talented visual designers. They complement the technical viewpoint with an artistic one. They design logos, websites, brochures, and product designs. 

3. UI/UX Designer 

Pick one app that you think is both beautiful to look at and entertaining to use. Whatever it is, I can assure you that the UI/UX design is as creative and effective as it is good. An individual who creates the user interfaces and visual themes for websites and mobile applications is known as a UI designer. On the other hand, a UX designer integrates features and designed elements to increase user engagement on websites and mobile apps.  

4. Augmented Reality Designer 

Do you know Pokémon, a video game that combines the real and virtual worlds? Where do people go in their neighborhood to look for and collect Pokémon? This brilliant mind created it. This is one of the markets that is growing the quickest. The user receives a genuine physical experience because of the AR designer’s flawless integration of the actual and digital worlds.  

5. Game Designer 

From the original Pac-Man by Namco to the PS5 of today, video games have never lost their allure. Every day, technology advances. Along with technology, gaming stations are developing. The game designers are responsible for the game’s core mechanics, rules, characters, and scenarios. Instead of coding, game designers often handle problem-solving, concept building, and player action analysis. 


Don’t restrict yourself too severely! The IT sector is expanding and actively looking for new talent. Using your design abilities along with a few technology tools, you can make a solid career. There is no better time than the present to start job hunting and applying if you appreciate design and want to work in technology. Grab your creative chair right away! 

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