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What’s New with IoT and What New is Coming Up in 2024

What’s New with IoT and What New is Coming Up in 2024
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Every day, something new is discovered. IoT is not a new concept, but there is always room for development, especially with regards to technologies that are sweeping the globe.

Which is why this might be the perfect time to find out what’s new with IoT in today’s age and what new should we be waiting for.

Find out some of the latest trends in IoT here:

5G connectivity

The launch of 5G networks has created multiple opportunities such as automated vehicles, smart cities, and industrial automation, which demand real-time data transfer and minimal latency.

Edge computing

By bringing data processing and storage closer to the devices that generate the data, edge computing decreases latency and increases speed. This is essential for many IoT applications, such as industrial control and video surveillance.

AI and ML

The capabilities of AI and ML have been skyrocketing. They are optimized to develop new IoT applications that can learn from and adapt to their surroundings. For example, IoT devices with AI capabilities can be used to predict maintenance needs, detect anomalies, and improve performance.


Blockchain technology has not only created a safer and much more secure path for the crypto world, but it has also enhanced the security and privacy of IoT devices and data. For example, blockchain can be used to create tamper-proof records of transactions and to securely move data among IoT devices.

Now that we have talked about the latest trends in IoT, let us also unveil what we should expect from the technology by the end of the coming year.

Low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) technologies

LPWAN technologies were developed primarily for IoT devices that have the abilities to communicate across great distances. The utilization of LPWAN technologies like LoRaWAN and NB-IoT is predicted to increase by 2024, enabling new IoT applications including smart agriculture and asset tracking.

Quantum computing

Today, many businesses are benefiting from the advantages of quantum computing. New IoT algorithms can be created using quantum computers that are more effective and safe than existing ones. Quantum computers can be used, for instance, to create new encryption methods for IoT devices and to crack already-existing ones.

Digital twins

A virtual depiction of a real-world system or object is called a “digital twin.” As this technology develops, companies can start using digital twins to imitate and enhance the performance of systems and things in the real world. In order to boost productivity and save costs, more IoT applications should start using digital twins in 2024.

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