Content Syndication

Content value chains are a critical asset in any marketing campaign. Our content syndication program helps companies to manage accounts relationship by identifying new content formats that resonate with them.

Content engagement at any stage

We provide augment marketing strategies with the right syndicated content to the right customer that is personalized, accurate, consistent, and optimized to the requirement.

  • Greater brand visibility
  • Personalized content
  • B2B content calendar
  • Digital assets promotion
  • Account-specific content

Greater brand visibility

Greater brand visibility by deep diving into target segments and increase brand visibility. You will be able to reach out to new buying groups that are actively looking for your products. Unlike the traditional approach of collecting contact information as lead magnets, you connect with accounts as per their stages in the buying journey. As a result, you can qualify them better with the right content.

Personalized content

Personalized content to attract subscribers and boost relevancy. The goal is to build a list of loyal subscribers which can be later nurtured into buyer relationships. Algorithms can intuitively determine who is reading your website, following you on social media, or opening an email from you. To turbocharge your content strategy, unlock the power of content personalization.

B2B content calendar

B2B content calendar for engagement through buyer personas, marketing channels, and sales funnel stages. Prior to scheduling or producing even one piece of content, you must first decide what your objectives. You can look for the most efficient ways to achieve that right here, on this platform.

Digital assets promotion

Digital assets promotion for enabling content syndication, through a wide range of thoroughly researched white papers, eBooks, guides, infographics, info briefs, research reports, and case studies. You can witness an organic development of SEO, taking into account all popularly searchable assets that can be optimized for keywords and marketed online.

Account-specific content

Account-specific content for thought leadership to bridge trust deficiency and help customers to overcome the hurdles and challenges unique to them. Here on BizVersions, find relevant solution-based content through webinars, video graphics, podcasts, case studies, expert comments, and other useful articles.

Focus on the right content solutions, ensuring promotion at large and lead scoring at the max!

Industries. We Offer.

  • Job role/title-specific content to segment your marketing campaigns and programs
  • Custom download content forms for intent tracking and lead generation
  • Campaign optimization with messaging around current trends that signal opportunities
  • Sales and marketing alignment by providing content that builds trust and drives conversion
  • Paid social campaigns to foster greater impressions and engagements